Best Quality Blackout Curtains for Hotels


Blackout curtain is an amazing invention to make a hotel room or a bedroom perfect for sound sleeping. In a dark room, people feel asleep quickly and sleep much better than any lighted room. Achieving a dark environment is expected for the day sleepers, but it is not easy to obtain it in the day. Blackout curtain does this easily, makes any room effectively darker, no matter if the room under the shine of the sun or the light of neighbor’s porch.

The core concept of blackout curtain is that it prevents shine of the light from infiltrating the room. Blackout curtains are hung behind the common fabric curtains that use to beautify your rooms. They can be stretched out at night to prevent the light in the morning.

You can remove the blackout curtains at the day if required or keep it as your need to ensure the dark environment. After removing them, you can keep the regular curtains so that you enjoy both the privacy and light. The blackout curtains are much heavier than regular curtains. They are also used for preventing extreme cold or heat to ensure a pleasing environment.

After the World War II, blackout curtains became popular among the common people. During the last decade of the century, it gained a huge popularity to use in private homes, commercial buildings, and hotels. The life is tough and harder now, and we need good and sound sleep whenever we can. The only suitable environment can ensure sound sleep. Studies have shown that artificially or naturally achieved dark room is must for most of the people to enjoy sleep. Blackout curtain is a solution to darken the room at any time depending on the need. Not only the quality blackout curtains, but the proper installation is also required to gain the highest benefits from blackout curtains.

There are many companies providing top quality commercial blackout curtains, exclusive designs, and effective installation services. Though the finding of a complete blackout curtains installation company is difficult, but some researches can help you. An experienced company ensures your customer’s satisfaction and reduces various expenses. Ultimately, you can profit more from your hotel with a satisfying feedback.


Blackout Curtains for Hotels

Some vital factors help to ascertain the right hotel. A hotel comes with various luxurious and enjoyable features including warm reception, emergency assistance, nice location, orderly and clean room, many entertaining opportunities, exclusive decoration, and of course – suitable room for peaceful sleep.

Quality sleep is the first priority of every guest in a hotel. Silent and dark room promotes faster and quality sleep. Almost every hotel use different types of blackout curtains. Good curtains definitely block light from the sun or street lights and various sources. Cheap blackout blinds will never fulfill the actual needs of a hotel, since costly bespoke fitment is necessary for blocking light entering a room.

Guests come to a hotel repeatedly only when they get the satisfying services. If a guest can’t sleep well, the chance of him to visit the hotel again is zero. The best quality blackout curtains actually improve the quality services of a hotel and ensure the repeat customers. Effective blackout blinds and professional installation reduce the maintenance costs and enhance the satisfaction rates. It’s really cost effective to invest one time on the top-rated curtains, not on the cheap rated blackout blinds that actually increase your expenses for a long term. Many professional companies offer blackout blinds for hotels that are built with quality materials and can be installed accurately to fulfill your customer’s demands.



Important Facts about Blackout Curtains

We already know that blackout curtains are manufactured in a special way using curtain liners that block lights, heat, and noises from entering the room. Generally, they are hung behind the regular curtains or straight in front of the window. Sometimes, it is sealed on the wall for extra efficiency if required. Blackout curtains are available in plain color and attached liners. Almost every type of designs eliminates numerous problems guests face when lights penetrate into the room and prevent quality sleep. The following are some of the important factors that certainly improve our life.


  • For Children

Many people love family trip. They come with their children and babies. Blackout curtains block sunrays when babies rise early morning with the dawn. Sleep deprived parents spend a few hours more on the bed if there are powerful blackout blinds.


  • Rotating Shifts

Many guests need to work on a rotating shift. Day sleep may be very essential for them. Who perform duties at night regularly, the Circadian Rhythm of the body can’t work accurately for them. It’s common for every person that his body feels wakefulness at day and asleep during the night. Darkness ensures the best sleep setting.

Blackout curtains particularly help to create suitable darkness into the room. They make the exact adjustment successfully. A nighttime feeling and noise-free circumstances promote healthy sleep.



  • Midnight Sun

There are some areas in the world where the environment is not similar to the rest worlds. There is a specific time in the countries of Antarctic Circle and Arctic Circle, when the sun doesn’t set. It is important for the hotels situated in those areas to create dark indoors with blackout curtains.


  • Saving Time

Some people travel frequently and they apply different tricks to save time. The current time zones can’t affect them, they make their own. After any meal they prefer to sleep for an hour or some more. They just use blackout blinds to darken the room and enjoy sound sleep.


  • Entertainment

Guests stay in a hotel for entertainment – it’s the basic reason. Guests can enjoy a thriller movie and popcorn when the room is enough dark. The modern and larger TV screen shows the improved picture in less light or dark room. The room decorated with blackout blinds offers a movie theatre feeling.


  • Some Particular Reasons

Many particular tasks require dark environments and for those, blackout curtains are essential to ensure the suitable conditions. Glow-in-the-dark toys and black lights are very popular to the children. Blackout blinds make dark circumstances so that clothes, toy swords, and stickers glint more brightly.




  • Eco-Friendly

Blackout curtains additionally prevent extra heat from incoming into a room during the summer and prevent heat from evading in the winter. It reduces the amount of power used to heat or cool a room and ultimately, it saves money.


Buying Blackout Curtains for Hotel

When buying blackout curtains for hotel, some essential factors should be carefully considered. Without clear ideas about curtains, you can’t make your decision. Since there are various types of blackout curtains in the market, you may feel uncertainty. Therefore, knowing the types and fire retardation of blackout curtains is the basic to buy the right blinds for hotels. Blackout curtains are regulated under the strict rules when used in commercial purposes. This point should be included in your requirements. Obtaining knowledge about curtains will also assist you to select curtains for home use.


  1. Types of Curtains

Based on different features, blackout curtains are available in several types. However, there are basically two main types of curtains – one type is hung from pole and another type is hung from track. ‘Eyelet top’ and ‘tab top’ is simply hung from pole. At this point, the blinds are stringed all along a pole whichever by tabs sewn together through the eyelet holes built in the fabrics of the curtains.

‘Tape top’ blackout blinds are those which are hung from a track. Here a fabric tape is securely sewn together at the top of the blinds and the hooks link curtains to the track. Also, many tape top blinds have hooks linked to rings that are hung from a pole.



  1. Blackout Curtains

Curtains for home are not similar to the blackout curtains that are used in hotels and commercial buildings. Though blackout blinds are used in home too, but the features aren’t equal. Blackout curtain is a vital consideration that improves the quality of the hotel services.

The main purpose of a blackout blind is to control as well as block light. The light includes sunlight, light from street, light from office block, and the light of the room itself. The light of the room makes the shadows of the guests visible to the people of outside. Guests will be grateful for the curtains that completely block the light for a variety of reasons – guests may like to sleep belatedly on a holiday, they may come from an entirely different time zone and want to sleep earlier, and they may be a honeymoon couple required the highest privacy.

The lining is the core feature of blackout curtains. It helps to block the light and give the guests amazing quality feeling when drawn. The quality lining ensures a longer life without fading. Blackout curtains are easily obtainable at affordable rate from reputed suppliers.


  1. Decor and Measurements

When purchasing blackout curtains it is crucial to be careful about the décor of the hotel room. Curtains should be matched accurately with the color of the various elements of the room, bedspreads, and overall surroundings. It is better if you buy from a specific supplier, they may help you to get the similar type of quality curtains. You know a good match of decorations surely increase the beauty.

Measurements of the blackout curtains may be defined depending on your requirements. Based on the decorative appearance you want to achieve, curtains can be sill length or floor length. Sill length requires going beyond the sill by six inches or more to provide a little thermal shield from the windows that lose heats than the room walls. If there is a radiator, ensure that you leave an inch or more so that it doesn’t block heats coming from the radiator. Floor length should be an inch above so that that repeated use can’t make any unexpected damage.


Best Solution for Hotel Blackout Curtains

No doubt, the best quality blackout curtains are very important for hotels. Selecting the right blinds is the first important step and installing them exactly is much significant. The following points will assist you to find out the exact solution for installing blackout curtains.

  • Generally, cheap curtains can’t fulfill a hotel’s need, but extended spending is not a good decision. So you’ll need to find the affordable company that will give you high quality curtains with a lower rate.
  • Many companies use different contractors for completing the installation process successfully. Find out them because it’s a cost saving way, since you don’t require spending in enterprise grade production and installation tools.
  • The best company has a several years of experience. Experienced companies know how to maintain the highest quality in every stage of installation.
  • Some companies manufacture their own designed blackout blinds for hotels and they also complete the installation procedure. Since they do everything from manufacturing to installation, it’s sure that they will give you the entire service with proper care.
  • Most of the hotels expect customized designs. Nowadays, many well-known companies manufacture customized blackout curtains according to the customer’s requirements. You can include your hotel’s logo, tagline, and more in the blackout blinds.
  • Make sure that your selected company is capable to make any change during the installation. If you want any change, they’ll need to make that to your actual specification.
  • Companies that have quality customer services can respond quickly when you need. Depending on your hotel rooms, size and position, and surrounding environment – they should have the ability to manufacture blackout blinds in a short time and install it exactly.



Bottom Line

When the blackout blinds are using in a hotel, they should be compatible with a challenging environment. Generally, curtains will face various uses and abuses in a hotel. All the guests aren’t careful enough as they’re in their own home. Maybe, they’ll not use curtains with proper care and it will lead a quick damage of the costly blackout curtains.

So, the effective step to face these issues is to get the extremely robust fittings and fixtures. If you find the best blackout blinds and the installation service at the first time, you can reduce various maintenance costs. There is no alternative to the quality components of the curtains that really give you relaxed feeling for a long run.


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